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Flute Lessons

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy closely aligns with my research experiences as well as my own professional experience as a performer and pedagogue. I focus on regular performance and exposure to a wide range of topics, repertoire and ideas, allowing for intersection with other disciplines. Influence and inspiration can come from unexpected sources, and I foster that potential in my students. My lessons include discussions of style as well as body awareness while playing. With a background in Body Mapping, Pilates, and Yoga, I strive to incorporate these methods into my teaching to prevent performance injuries. I strongly believe in developing independent musicians. As a teacher, privately or in masterclasses for modern and baroque flute, I incorporate my mission to teach artistry and accessibility to music.

What you can learn in your flute lessons:

  • Flexible Tone as the foundation of your playing

  • Even Technique through scales and arpeggios

  • Solid understanding of Rhythm with basic Music Theory

  • Developing a Sophisticated Sense of Musicality, Phrasing, Interpretation, and Vibrato

  • Breathing and Balance in Sitting and Standing through the use of body mapping and pilates

  • Mental strategies to manage performance anxiety

  • Etudes, Solo Repertoire, Orchestral Excerpts, Ensemble Music

  • Stage Presence

  • Overall problem-solving skills and becoming an independent learner and artist

Baroque flute instruction: style, tuning, and temperaments, ornamentation, tonguing, as well as clean and even technique

Piccolo Instruction: Flexibility of Sound, Intonation, Style and Audition Repertoire

Want to know more details about what it's like to be part of my flute studio? Check out the Music Studio Handbook!​

Lesson Services





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Baroque Flute Online Lessons 



Technology provides us with an amazing opportunity to connect in spite of our physical distances. Through Skype lessons, you are able to learn how to play baroque flute and/or improve your skills no matter where you are in the world! During this one-on-one time, we will cover topics like discussing ornamentation, tuning and temperaments, and tone and technique for baroque flute. Online lessons work just as well as in-person lessons BUT with greater accessibility as you can do it in the comfort of your own home or wherever you are! In these lessons, I will observe your playing and prioritize sharing the information that I believe will change your sound and playing-experience immediately! 


If this is your first time doing it, how about a free trial lesson? We can talk about your goals, frustrations, fears, hope and dreams, and anything else you’d like me to know! I am here for YOU!


30 Minute Online Lesson


45 Minute Online Lesson


60 Minute Online Lesson


Student Testimonial

"Studying under Ms. Alvarado had been very constructive. She always makes sure that my flute playing is consistently progressing and has encouraged me to not fall into complacency. Ms. Alvarado's teaching style helped me learn new techniques for flute playing easily and comfortably that would otherwise be frustrating and difficult. Her ability to teach, explain, demonstrate, and encourage, has been essential in my transition from high school to collegiate flute playing. My goal as a first-semester undergrad flutist was to steadily improve musically and technically, and Ms. Alvarado helped me achieve that and more." 

-Valeria, University of North Texas, 2020


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